What is it?

This is a podcast looks at some hidden corners of the sex world and talks to the people who live there. Sex workers, sex work clients, fetishists, creatives, deviants and other wonderful people, what their life is like and how sex, intimacy and eroticism fits in.

I’d also like to hear from scientists, researchers, lobbyists, educators and activists and how different aspects of sex fits into their lives and work.

Contact me if you have a topic you’d like to have considered. The topics are open and broad but must be respectful to others, including those who may have opposite views to you.

Who are you?

Hi! I’m Corrine, an Australian sex worker and lover of chocolate and cheese.

How can I get involved?

This is a safe, respectful and non-judgmental space. If you would like to be interviewed or talk about your story there are three ways we can do it:

In person

You, me (and your friends/cat/whoever you want) can sit down with my laptop and chat.


If you have access to a desktop version of the Chrome web browser, and by extension a computer or laptop to run it on, I’ll send you a link to a nifty way of chatting and recording our conversation. This is how I will record the majority of episodes and doesn’t require you to install or run any programs.

Post it in

If you would like to just tell your story and have a way of recording it (mp3 format would be great) you can do that and send it to me.

If you are really concerned about being recognised and want to alter your voice*, and I understand, the easiest way is to write a narrative and I’ll arrange someone to read it for you or use a text to speech program.

*While voice alteration is great it might be able to be reversed and you still might be recognisable by speech patterns and the way you speak. I want to keep you safe.

It doesn’t have to be with Corrine

If you would like to talk with/to another person I’d be thrilled to have you. Any of the above methods will work.


Before any episode goes live you will have all the time you need to listen to the edited version and to ask for any changes or to change your mind and delete it completely. Remember once it is published it can’t be un-published.


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