Episode 1

This was recorded in a bar with a not great microphone and Christmas carols in the background so sound quality is not the best.
Mike, a client of sex workers talks with me about:
How he started seeing sex workers
What is the escort ‘type;
How he finds sex workers
Review forums and websites (we mentioned Punters Planet but there are many more worldwide)
It’s not just sex, communication and connection are just as important
Exploring fetishes and boundaries
Media and terminology
Are clients gullible?
Telling your parents.
What is weird or taboo

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Welcome to the Sex/Life podcast!

Just a short intro to let you in on what the podcast is about, trying to give people a chance to speak about aspects of their sex life that may be stigmastised, shamed, misunderstood or misrepresented.

My name is Corrine, if you want to learn more about me my NSFW website is http://www.thelovelycorrine.com and I’m on twitter @LovelyCorrine

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